6 flowers that can improve your mental health

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flowers that can improve your mental health

flowers that can improve your health

flowers that can improve your mental health

Being surrounded by nature has long been known to boost our mood and ease stress, but what if you could mimic that soothing vibe at home? Filling your house with flowers could be the secret to improving your mental health.

Sian Wild, FlorismartUK florist and Owner of The Flower Lounge – an award-winning shop in Didsbury – says: “Having grown up in a horticultural family, I’ve been surrounded by flowers and plants all my life and have first-hand experience of how they lift the mood of everyone they surround. There is a consistent link between exposure to flowers and plants and positive psychological health.”

Here, Sian exclusively reveals the six flowers that can reduce stress, improve mood and aid a restful night’s sleep.

1 Chrysanthemums improve mood

“Flowers do more than just brighten your room, they can have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood too. Research has shown that the impact can last for days, proving much more powerful than a bar of chocolate,” Sian says.

“Flowers can chase away anxieties, worries and the blues, making people feel less depressed, troubled or agitated. This is linked to their colour, smell or even the act of giving or receiving flowers flowers that can improve your health.

“Chrysanthemums have been shown to lessen symptoms of worry and stress, and when taken as tea, this flower cools and relaxes our body.”

2 Snake plants boost productivity

“Whether in the workplace or in a home office, flowers and plants are proven to improve performance. Enthusiasm, energy and job satisfaction are all reported side effects, so flowers are well worth investing in if you work long hours or a need regular pick-me-up,” Sian says.

“The smell can help relieve anxiety and is the ideal antidote to stress surrounding looming deadlines or juggling that to-do list, allowing you to tackle that mounting pile of work .

“The Snake plant improves energy levels and can help those who suffer from eye irritations, headaches or breathing problems. Other benefits include improving reaction times, increasing concentration and lowering levels of anxiety.”

3 Lisianthus encourage creativity

“Fresh flowers can ignite creativity. Inspiration, new ideas and the ability to problem solve are all proven, positive effects of plants and flowers in the workplace, generated by a boost in mood and general happiness,” Sian explains.

“Consider flower arranging as a creative outlet – not only will you develop a new skill, but you’ll also be closure to nature.

“Red flowers, such as ruby Ranunculus, are connected to concentration and attention to detail, whilst blue stems ,such as delicate anemone or pretty Lisianthus, encourage creativity and free thinking.”

4 Jasmine aids sleep

“Sleep plays an important role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Without it we can have trouble making decisions, solving problems or coping with change. Emotions can also very quickly become out of control,” Sian explains.

“Jasmine and lavender are proven to lower stress and anxiety levels, inducing peacefulness, improving sleep and lowering heart rate and so are ideal additions to the bedroom.”

5 Calendulas help heal

“Flowers are proven to help reduce recovery time. Although flowers are no longer permitted in hospitals, if someone is ill or recuperating at home, a thoughtful bunch of blooms can generate a sense of wellbeing. Blood pressure and heart rate levels will be reduced,” Sian says.

“Bright yellow or orange Calendula flowers are known for their antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Often used externally to ease inflammation and heal wounds and rashes, they can also be taken internally to stimulate blood circulation and speed up recovery from colds and fevers.”

6 A surprise bouquet of any bloom raises a smile

“Imagine turning around someone’s day through one, simple gesture. To know that they are loved and supported, can mean so much that the positive impact of receiving a bouquet can be enough to lift them out of a difficult place or low point,” Sian explains.

“Flowers are a perfect solution to communicate emotions where it’s hard to find the right words.”

Most people enjoy flowers in any way, shape, or form they can get them. Aside from being pretty, plants have many benefits for a person’s overall health and well-being. Summer is a great time for change, so why not spruce up for house or office with a few more plants. Here are just a few health benefits of having fresh-cut flowers part of your everyday life flowers that can improve your health:

Emotional Health Improvement

Receiving flowers, whether they are sent from another person or you bought them for yourself, can give you an immediate mood boost. A bouquet of flowers is a sign that someone cares for you, and being well-thought of can do a lot for a person’s well-being. A pretty flower bouquet with bright colors and a soothing scent can brighten a room and your mood at the same time.

Aid in Memory and Concentration

Many people have a moment where they completely lose their train of thought. Keeping plants in indoor spaces may help with concentration and memory; plants oxygenate the air, boosting your brain cells and making you feel more like your best self. You can opt for a bouquet, or go for a longer-lasting plant, such as Teleflora’s Peaceful Zen Garden, a combination of bamboo and easy-to-care-for succulents in a brown bamboo container. These plants only need water once a week and grow quickly, making them entertaining, as well as good for supercharging your brain.

Aid in Relaxation

There is a reason so many stressed-out people turn to gardening to combat the blues; not only is the experience of growing things cathartic, but floral scents can do a lot to lower stress. Bring home a sachet of something soothing like lavender or chamomile and feel your troubles melt away. Even a fresh sprig of rosemary may help with headaches and tension. Before you know it, you will find yourself feeling like your best self.

Feel Better Faster

There is a reason people give flowers as gifts to patients in the hospital; yes, it’s a nice thing to do, but it may also help a patient heal faster. Frequently, hospitals include access to green space for recovering patients because simply looking at plants every day helps stressed people feel more relaxed flowers that can improve your health.

A relaxed person in the hospital typically heals faster than someone who is stressed out. Give a sick friend a major boost with a bouquet like Teleflora’s Make a Wish, a combination of multi-colored daisies, purple asters and red and orange carnations topped off with a bow. They will feel better in more ways than one.

Daisies flowers that can improve your health

Bright and cheery, daisies make an ideal flower choice when sending a get-well-soon message. Send your floral gift recipient a collection of simple white daisies, or brighten her life even more by selecting a colorful option, such as gerbera daisies. The 15-stem bouquet of multi-colored gerbera daisies available from ProFlowers is guaranteed fresh for seven days, creating a good chance that the blooms will still be bold and beautiful even after the recipient has returned to health.


The spring-time flower, the peony, makes a wonderful addition to any hospital bedside table, adding beauty to the space with lush and full blooms. These flowers are less common than some more popular options, making them a unique floral gift choice. They also stand for healing, effectively sending the message to your recipient that you want her to get on the road back to health.


Stunning hydrangeas are a less-common, yet still quite appropriate, get-well-soon flower choice. These clustered flowers featuring delicate blossoms symbolically represent perseverance, making them a highly appropriate gift for someone you hope perseveres over an ailment. Give your recipient some cut hydrangeas, or select a potted version of this flowering plant, like ProFlowers’ Potted Blue Hydrangea, allowing him to enjoy the natural beauty of the present even longer.


Send your floral gift recipient the message that she is ever in your thoughts by selecting a floral gift of pansies. These flowers, which represent loving thoughts, are bold and bright, potentially pulling your recipient out of the doldrums that being sick have caused her to sink into. These flowers are most commonly prized for their bold hues and variegated colors, giving them an uncommon attractiveness. Because these flowers are seldom seen in cut arrangements, you may need to select a potted floral gift.

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