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pansy flower meaning is beautiful little flower well loved for it’s charm, versatility and adding a swath of gorgeous colors to the garden

The list pansy flower meaning is beautiful little flower well-loved for its charm, versatility and adding a swath of gorgeous colors to the garden. The pansy’s lineage comes from the tri-color viola (yellow, white and purple) a European wildflower.  From these humble beginnings came the modern-day pansy as we know it.

What Types Pansy Flower meaning Mean

pansy flower meaning lineage comes from the tri- color viola (yellow, white and purple) a European wildflower
  • loving thoughts
  • love in idleness
  • to think
  • free thinkers
  • remembrance
  • to consider
  • the birth flower of February

In Victorian England, the pansy flower meaning was used for secret courting.  Any display of love or passion was severely frowned upon and in order to communicate to potential romantic partners, the pansy was employed.

It was placed in what was called a tussie mussie which was a bunch of herbs wrapped in a doily with some flowers in the middle. 

The pansy flower was used to convey not easily expressed in Victorian England such as I’m feeling amorous towards you, I am thinking of you or I have thoughts of you or I’m missing you, but always it was about one person thinking of another.

 Pansy flower Meaning Art and Culture

Arti Kebudayaan Bunga Banci

Visual arts

In the visual arts, Pierre-Joseph Redouté painted Bouquet of Pansies in 1827, and, in 1874, Henri Fantin-Latour painted Still Life with Pansies.

In 1887, van Gogh painted Mand met violates, and, in 1926, Georgia O’Keeffe created a painting of a black pansy called simply, Pansy and followed it with White Pansy in 1927. J. J. Grandville created a fantasy flower called Pensée in his Fleurs Animées.

As an emblem

Because its name means “thought”, the Pansy was chosen as a symbol of Freethought[19] and has been used in the literature of the American Secular Union.

Humanists use it too, as the pansy’s current appearance was developed from the heartsease by two centuries of intentional crossbreeding of wild plant hybrids. 

The specific colors of the flower – purple, yellow, and white – are meant to symbolize memories, loving thoughts and souvenirs, respectively. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) uses the pansy symbol extensively in its lapel pins and literature pansy flower meaning.

The image pansy flower has long been associated with human manner, as one man cleverly stated: “Nature sports as much with the colors of this little flower as she does with the features of the human countenance

Traditions and uses

In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the “juice of the heartsease” is a love potion and “on sleeping eyelids laid, will make a man or woman madly dote Upon the next live creature that it sees.” (II.1).

In the language of flowers, a honeyflower and a pansy left by a lover for his beloved means, “I am thinking of our forbidden love”.

In 1858, the writer James Shirley Hibberd wrote that the French custom of giving a bride a bouquet of pansies (thoughts) and marigolds (cares) symbolized the woes of domestic life rather than marital bliss.[20]

A German fable tells of how the pansy lost its perfume. Originally pansies would have been very fragrant, growing wild in fields and forests. It was said that people would trample the grass completely in eagerness to pick pansies.

Unfortunately, the people’s cows were starving due to the ruined fields, so the pansy prayed to give up her perfume. Her prayer was answered, and without her perfumed scent, the fields grew tall, and the cows grew fat on the fresh green grass.

American pioneers thought that “a handful of violets taken into the farmhouse in the spring ensured prosperity, and to neglect this ceremony brought harm to baby chicks and ducklings.”

On account of its place in American hearts, a game called “Violet War” also arose. In this game, two players would intertwine the hooks where the pansy blossoms meet the stems, then attempt to pull the two flowers apart like wishbones. 

Whoever pulled off the most of their opponent’s violet heads was proclaimed the winner.[9] Young American settlers also made pansy dolls by lining up the pansy flower meaning in urdu “faces”, pasting on leaf skirts and twig arms to complete the figures.

Symbolism Pansy Flowers

The pansy’s connection to pious humility is mentioned by Harte, who writes: “From brute beasts humility I learned And in the pansy’s life God’s providence discerned”.

Gifford evokes both Christian and classical undertones, writing how “Pansies – still, More blest than me, thus shall ye live Your little day,  and when ye die, Sweet flowers! The grateful muse/Shall give a verse”.

Smart proposes “Were it not for thee, oh sun, Those pansies, that reclining from the bank View through the immaculate, pellucid stream, Their portraiture in the inverted Heaven, Might as well change their triple boast, the white, The purple, and the gold.

Pests and diseases pansy flower 

Pansy flower Meaning Art and Cultur


Aphids, which can spread the cucumber mosaic virus, sometimes feed on pansies.

Leaf spot

Leaf spot (Ramularia deflects) is a fungal infection. Symptoms include dark spots on leaf margins followed by a white web covering the leaves. It is associated with cool damp springs.

Downy mildew

pansy flower meaning in hindi downy mildew is caused by the funeral flowers -like organism Peronospora violate, which produces purple-brown leaf spots, often with encircling yellowing, that has an accompanying grey mold on the leaf underside. It can severely weaken or kill affected plants.[16]

Powdery mildew

A disease caused by one or more species of fungus in the Erysiphaceae family.[17] Symptoms include violet-gray powder on fringes and underside of leaves. It is encouraged by stagnant air and can be limited but not necessarily eliminated by fungicide application.

Cucumber mosaic virus

The cucumber mosaic virus is transmitted by aphids. Pansies with the virus have fine yellow veining on young leaves, stunted growth and anomalous flowers.

The virus can lay dormant, affect the entire plant and be passed to next generations and to other species. Prevention is key: purchases should consist entirely of healthy plants.

Names and terminology

English common names, such as “pansy”, “viola” and “violet” may be used interchangeably. One possible distinction is that plants considered to be “pansies” are classified in Viola sect.

Melanie, and have four petals pointing upwards (the two side petals point upwards), and only one pointing down, whereas those considered to be “violets” are classified in Viola sect.

Viola, and have two petals pointing up and three pointing down. Another possible distinction is made by the American Violet Society – the International Cultivar Registration Authority for the genus Viola. It divides cultivated varieties (cultivars) in Viola sect.

Melanie into four subgroups: B1 – pansies, B2 – violas, B3 – violets and B4 – cornuta hybrids. On this classification, modern “pansies” differ from the other three subgroups by possessing a well-defined “blotch” or “eye” in the middle of the pansy flower meaning.

Modern horticulturalists tend to use the term “pansy flower meaning” for those multi-colored large-flowered hybrids that are grown for bedding purposes every year, while “viola” is usually reserved for smaller, more delicate annuals and perennials


The name “pansy flower meaning” is derived from the French word pensée, “thought”, and was imported into Late Middle English as a name of Viola in the mid-15th century, as the flower was regarded as a symbol of remembrance.

name “love in idleness” was meant to imply the image of a lover who has little or no other employment than to think of his beloved.

 “heart’s-ease” came from St. Euphrasia, whose name in Greek signifies cheerfulness of mind. The woman, who refused marriage and took the veil, was considered a pattern of humility, hence the name “humble violet”.

In Scandinavia, Scotland, and German-speaking countries, the pansy flower meaning in begali (or its wild parent Viola tricolor) is or was known as the “stepmother”; the name was accompanied by an etiological tale about a selfish stepmother, told to children while the teller plucked off corresponding parts of the blossom to fit the plot.

In Italy the pansy is known as flammola (little flame)

pansy flower meaning types and Varieties

pansy flower meaning types and Varieties

Spring’s Early Blooms

If gardeners and bumblebees are holding their breath for an early sign of spring, then there should be a mighty exhale at the sight of the season’s first pansy flower meaning in gurajati blossoms.

Once considered as weedy as its wild cousin the common blue violet, breeding efforts have produced fantastic new cultivars with both blotched and clear faces, along with ruffled petals and extra-large flowers in a brilliant range of candy store hues.

Fill your borders, hanging baskets, and window boxes with one of these cheerful varieties of pansy flower meaning, which bounce back from late winter squalls of snow and ice with ease. 

Matrix Solar Flare

The ‘Matrix’ series of pansy was developed by PanAmerican Seed to withstand warmer temperatures of autumn without bolting or flopping. Can’t you imagine the burnished gold and crimson tones of ‘Solar Flare’ glowing beside your fall asters and mums?

Cool Wave White

Many winter holiday flower baskets are short on blooming material​ but that needn’t be the case if you choose a cold-tolerant flower, like the ‘Cool Wave White’ pansy.

Pansy flower meaning marathi hanging baskets can last through weeks of winter weather if you bring them into the garage each evening to protect them from the deepest chills. 

Delta Marina

Many garden flowers that claim to be blue are actually more of a purplish shade. Not so with ‘Delta Marina’pansy flower meaning. The sturdy stems of the ‘Delta’ series hold blooms upright, keeping their faces out of the mud after spring storms. 

Black Accord

If you want to create an eye-catching garden design with black pansy flower meaning, few are as dark as the moody ‘Black Accord’ pansy flower means. Pair these black blooms with chartreuse tulips for sizzling contrast, or plant them alongside white or yellow pansies for maximum effect. 

Inspire Plus Mardi Gras Mix

For some gardeners, a pansy just isn’t a pansy without the typical “blotch” markings that give the blooms the appearance of a face.

The extra-large blooms that develop on pansies in the ‘Inspire Plus’ series mean you’ll be better able to enjoy those faces when you’re looking out your window if the weather is too disagreeable to venture out. 

How to Grow and Care pansy flower

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Almanac Garden Planner

Pansies are the colorful flowers with “faces.” A cool-weather favorite, pansies are great for both spring and fall gardens! Here’s how to keep your pansies growing and blooming.

Pansies have heart-shaped, overlapping petals and one of the widest ranges of bright, pretty colors and patterns.

Good for containers, borders, and as ground cover, they are a go-to flower iris for reliable color almost year-round.

Are Pansy Flower Annual or Perennial

However, most gardeners treat this plant as an annual because it prefers cool weather and gets too leggy in the heat of summer.

There hasn’t been much success in producing heat-tolerant pansies that can adequately survive hot weather.

Pansies are surprisingly hearty in cold weather, though. They’ll survive a frost, bouncing back from even single-digit temperatures.

If the blooms wither in the cold, the plants will often stay alive to bloom again, which makes them a great pansy flower meaning telugu plant for fall and early winter color.

Planting When to Plant pansy

Pansies can be finicky to start from seed; it’s a lot easier to buy established plants from a local nursery. Plus, you’ll get blooms a lot sooner.

Pansy seeds may be slow to germinate (typically emerging in anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on soil temperature). Start pansy seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last spring frost.

Start seeds in late winter for early spring and summer flowering, or in late summer for fall and winter flowering.

Plant adult pansies when the ground becomes workable in the spring. They grow best when soil temperatures are between 45°F and 65°​​​​​​​F (7°C and 18°​​​​​​​C).

Pansies can tolerate a light frost just after planting, but try to hold off on putting them in the ground if temperatures are still regularly reaching well below freezing.

Where to Plant pansy

Plant in moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. See our articles on soil amendments and preparing the soil for planting for more information.

Pansies like full or partial sun, but need cooler temperatures to thrive. The ideal planting site will get morning sun but avoid the heat of the late afternoon.

Space the plants about 7 to 12 inches apart. They will spread about 9 to 12 inches and grow to be about 6 to 9 inches tall.

Ho to Care Plant

remember and Wisdomber to water pansies regularly. One of the most common reasons pansies fail is because they are not watered enough, so if your pansies are not doing well, try watering them more.

You can use a general, all-purpose fertilizer around your pansies to help them grow. Be wary of using a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer, though, as this can result in more foliage instead of pansy flower meaning.

Remove faded/dead flowers to encourage the plants to produce more blooms and to prolong the blooming season.
pansies purple

Pansies symbolize “thinking” or “thoughts.” The word “pansy” itself comes from French pensée, meaning “thought.” Find out more flower meanings here.

Cooking Notes

Pansies are one of several edible garden flowers! They have a mild minty flavor and make for a lovely edible flourish on a salad or dessert.

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