Pictures of Flowers with Unique and Weird Shapes

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Pictures Flowers

29 Pictures of Flowers with Unique and Weird Shapes

PICTURES OF FLOWERS – Flowers are always synonymous with women, they are often associated as decoration with beautiful flowers, because these two things cannot be separated.

For example, tucked above the head as a headband or on the earlobe, even at official and formal events. why do we like them, because they are both beautiful and beautiful creations.

Although basically flowers are a form of ornamental plant that includes all plants, whether in the form of herbs, vines, shrubs, shrubs or trees that are intentionally planted.

But you need to know, in this world there are many types of flower plants. In addition to roses, jasmine, chrysanthemums and so on, there are many other types of beautiful flowers with unique and strange shapes.

There are flowers that look like flying ducks, some look like monkey heads, some look like men without clothes, and some even look like women’s lips with a striking red color. Here are some unique and strange flowers.

Monkey Face

The original name of this flower is Dracula simia or better known as Monkey Face Orchid or monkey face orchid. Not only animals that have a monkey-like face, but this flower also looks like a monkey’s face with various expressions printed on the petals of an orchid.

A truly amazing creation, not edited, not painted with brushes and so on. This most unique type of orchid flower does grow with a motif similar to a monkey’s face.

Bleeding Heart

The Latin name of this flower is Dicentra spectabilis or better known as the Bleeding Heart Flower, which is a bloody heart flower.

You can see the shape is like a whole heart with a pale pink color, unique and charming just like the pink heart in love cards. So this type of flower is called the Bleeding Heart flower.

Bee Orchid

This flower is so cute, it looks like a cute baby asking to be held. This type of flower belongs to the orchid family, such as monkey face flowers. A slightly bee-like shape makes this beautiful flower plant named the Bee Orchid or bee orchid.

Flying Duck

Another one from the orchid family that is included in the strangest and unique type of flower, this time is the shape of a duck as if it were flying. The flower is called Caleana major or better known as the Flying Duck Orchid, or the flying duck orchid.

Lily of the Valley

This flower has a very small size. Famous artist Kate Middleton once wore it as one of the flowers in a wedding bouquet that she brought. This flower is named Lily of the Valley. Because of its small, unique and strange shape, all eyes are drawn to it, as if this flower is like an inverted bell.


One flower is a little vulgar and can be said to be the pair of the orchid. Because if you look closely, these two flowers look like humans, one looks like a man (Orchis italica) while the other looks like a woman (Lady Orchid).

Lady Orchid grows in white color decorated with dark purple on the edges and center. While Orchis italica itself is like a man hanging naked. This flower grows in many parts of Europe, especially in Spain.


Still the same kind of orchid. The name of this flower is Peristeria elata, but it is better known as the Holy Ghost Orchid. Because clearly visible from this beautiful flower is a white dove on the inside of the petals.


At first glance, the flower with the scientific name Osteospermum fruticosum does not describe a shape like a flower in general. Because if you look at the center of the petals roll up to the center (inside).

Maybe if you’ve watched movies about aliens, you’ve probably seen flowers that look like they’re on another planet. But apparently, on Earth there is also a flower with this unique petal shape.

Beautiful Lips

Don’t get me wrong, pinkish red beautiful lips are not only owned by beautiful, beautiful, sexy, coquettish creatures who are similar to women or humans in general. Because plants with ornamental plants also have it.

This strange and unique flower is Psychotria Elata or better known as The Kissing Flower. Sometimes people also call it The Hot Lips. Look, even from the name, it’s as small as its shape, hadeuuuhh.


This type of antirrhinum flower has another more famous nickname, namely snapdragon or dragon flower. We can find it in rocky areas such as areas of Europe and North Africa and America. Its unique petals and skull face are very impressive.

Once we squeeze it, the leaves of this unique flower will open and close like a mouth. When the petals wilt or droop down, only the seed pod-shaped petals remain. Well this seed petal shape is really similar to a skull.

No wonder ancient people believed that this snapdragon had supernatural powers. So that this skull flower is one of the flowers that looks a little scary for some people.

Ballerina Orchid

These small flowers are commonly referred to as small terrestrial orchids. In general, it grows in the form of groups or groups. We can find it in parts of the Australian archipelago. We can see the physical. The color is a soft cream, with a touch of maroon that is pretty and beautiful.

While the flower leaves tend to be slightly old trihomes. If we look at the pose, this orchid looks like a ballet dancer or ballerina dancing.


In the balsam family, there are Impatiens Psittacina flowers that are so amazing. Another name for this flower is Parrot Flower. This unique flower is carmine red or heart red and purple. We can find it in Thailand, Burma and some areas in India.

If we look from the side, it looks like a parrot in flight. The history of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, a gardener and explorer, who explains that this beautiful flower is like a “flying parrot” when it grows.

Baby Swaddle

These flowers are often referred to as swaddled babies. Based on its shape, this type of orchid flower is often referred to as a “baby swaddled”. We can find it in the Colombian Andes region. If judging, the structure of this flower is quite complicated.

But overall, this cream colored flower is indeed very attractive. Really like a baby being “wrapped” comfortably by his clothes. From the base of the pseudobulbs, these cute flowers grow from each of the stalks.

Bird’s Head Orchid

This one orchid flower is also no less beautiful and beautiful. Named the bird’s head orchid because the shape of the flower itself is similar to the head of a small bird guarding flower nectar. This orchid is the longest type of orchid to bloom.

Nevertheless, this one orchid flower is a favorite flower for those orchid lovers. This bird’s head orchid is a native of the Southeast Asian region, including our country, Indonesia.

Devil’s Hand

This type of chiranthodendron pentadactylon flower has another, more popular nickname, devil’s hand. Once you see a picture of this flower, you’ll think it’s from a monster or tokusatsu movie.

The shape is similar to the devil’s hand which is red with jet black stripes. Indeed, this flower is one of the flowers that looks a little scary to some people like the skull flower above. This devil’s hand flower is native to the Region in Mexico, precisely in the ancient Aztecs.

Titan Arum

Similar to the Rafflesia flower, this flower which has the Latin name Amorphophallus titanium is also called the corpse flower, because of its no less pungent smell. This flower can grow up to 3 meters from the ground where it grows.

Titan Arum grows in the same place as Rafflesia, in the rainforests of Sumatra. This plant grows in open forests and limestone hills, and is cultivated by many botanical gardens and private collectors from around the world.

Not only smelly flowers, but also very large tubers. The largest titan arum bulb ever recorded was in 2006 at the Botanical Garden of Bonn, Germany, weighing 117 kilograms.

Sea Poison Tree/Putat Laut

Although its cute shape resembles a cheerleading pom-pom, in various places this plant is also called Fish Poison Tree, Putat or Sea Poison Tree because all parts of the plant can be toxic to marine fish. Putat Laut lives in mangrove habitats on the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean, including Indonesia.

Often also found in various places from Zanzibar to eastern Taiwan, the Philippines, Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia. This flower is often used as decoration and curtain material in several places in India.

The fruit of this flower is also dispersed in the same way as coconuts – by ocean currents – with the ability to be highly water-resistant and float easily. Amazingly, this fruit can survive adrift in the sea for up to fifteen years.

This plant was one of the first plants to colonize the island of Anak Krakatau, when the island first appeared after the eruption of Mount Krakatoa.

Jade Vine/tayabak

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or also often known as jade vine, emerald vine, turquoise jade vine, or its local name “tayabak”, this flower lives in the tropical forests of the Philippines. The stems can grow up to 18 meters in length.

This flower attracts bats because of its beautiful color luster. Unfortunately, the more frequent deforestation in the Philippines makes the existence of this plant increasingly rare and heading towards extinction.

The color of this flower is very similar to the color of mineral stones such as turquoise (turquoise) and jade (jade).

Carrion Flower/Rafflesia arnoldii

Included in the genus of parasitic plants, this giant flower can only be found in Southeast Asia, such as the Malay peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines.

Discovered by a guide from Indonesia in 1818, this flower is named after the leader of the expedition, Thomas Stamford Raffles. This flower consists of 27 species. There are no real roots, stems or leaves found in carrion flowers.

For Raflessia arnoldii itself can grow up to 100 cm in diameter, and weigh up to 10 kg. Even for the smallest species, Raflessia manillana has a diameter of 20 cm. A very large size for only one flower.

From its appearance and smell alone this flower looks like rotting flesh. That’s why this plant is given the name “corpse flower” or “flesh flower”. Its rotten smell attracts insects such as flies to perch on it.

Night-Blooming Cereus.

Although it looks ordinary, this flower has some uniqueness. This flower only blooms at night, and closes again in the morning.

This flower is found in tropical places such as Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hawaii.

Several types of this flower family have fruit that is delicious to eat. This plant is also famous for its ‘hypnotic’ smell.

Dahlia flower

Dahlia flower is one of the national flowers of Mexico which is also the origin of this flower. This plant is the main food for several types of butterfly chicks.

This flower is named Dahlia in honor of the Swedish botanist from the 18th century named Anders Dahl.

Gerbera Flower

Pictures Flowers

Gerbera is taken from the name Traugott Gerber, a German doctor, who was the first discoverer of this type of flower.

This ornamental plant belonging to the Asteraceae family is a shrub that can live for years or long. Gerbera itself consists of more than 2,000 cultivars with flowers that have various shapes and sizes of about 5-12 cm in diameter.

Purple Daisies

Pictures Flowers

Aster flower is a flower that comes from China with an average height of 30-70 cm. At first glance, this flower is similar to sunflower because of its similar texture, what distinguishes daisies from sunflowers is their more diverse colors.

This flower is very easy to cultivate because it does not know the season to bloom. In addition, daisies are also in great demand because they are not too difficult to care for.

Moon Flower

Pictures Flowers

This flower which has the main colors of green, purple and white looks very beautiful. This flower is widely spread in tropical areas such as Indonesia and several neighboring countries.

Red Daisies

Pictures Flowers

Aster flower is a flower that comes from China with an average height of 30-70 cm. At first glance, this flower is similar to sunflower because of its similar texture, what distinguishes daisies from sunflowers is their more diverse colors.

This flower is very easy to cultivate because it does not know the season to bloom. In addition, daisies also have very many fans.

Yellow Lily Bunga

Pictures Flowers

This beautiful flower actually has more than 100 family members. There are several other types such as red lily, white lily, brown lily and so on.

Generally, this plant grows in tropical forests, sometimes in the mountains and grass. The most suitable habitat for growing lilies is soil that has a balanced acid content.


Pictures Flowers

Poppies are seasonal plants that can only be cultivated in the mountains of the subtropics. The height of this plant is usually no more than 1 meter.

Another characteristic is the oblong leaves with jagged edges and long stalks. One stalk on the tree will only have one flower. Usually, this very beautiful poppy flower is used as an ornamental plant.

Behind its beauty, this poppy flower has its own danger. For a long time, this flower which is also known as the poppy flower has become one of the ingredients used for narcotics addicts.

Red rose

Pictures Flowers

Rose is a type of shrub plant from the genus Rosa which is also the name of the flower produced by this plant. There are more than 100 species of wild roses in the world, most of which grow in the cool northern hemisphere.

Rose species are generally thorny shrubs or climbing plants that can reach 2 to 5 meters in height.

Although very rare, the tallest roses ever found can reach a height of 20 meters. The rose can be that high because it continues to propagate in the tall plants around it.

In this modern era, red roses are no longer a wild plant, but have been used as ornamental plants for gardens and private yards.

Calleryana Pear Flower

Pictures Flowers

This flower is widespread in the United States, but we can also find it in China and Vietnam. Even though it has the name “Pear”, this flower is not the flower that will become the pear that we know.

The tree for this flower is a separate tree that belongs to the Rosaceae family of trees. Pear flower trees can reach a height of 5 to 8 meters above ground level.

The size of this flower tends to be small, only about 4-8 cm in diameter. This flower will later become a ‘mini’ pear or commonly known as the Callery Pear. It is called a mini pear because it is very small, no more than 2 cm.


Pictures Flowers

This flower which has the Latin name Helianthus annuus L. is a popular annual plant. This flower can be used as an ornamental plant or an oil-producing plant

Sunflowers have quite distinctive characteristics, namely their large size, yellow color and very broad flower heads that can even reach a diameter of 30 cm. In addition, sunflowers also have a distinctive behavior, namely he will always face the sun or the term is heliotropism.

This flower was made the national flower by Ukraine and became the official flower for the state of Kansas, United States.

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