Rusian Flowers

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Rusian Flowers – Camomile (Chamomile aka Matricaria Recutita) is part of the daisy family. This Russian national flower has a distinctive fragrance. In addition, Camomile is also commonly found in West Asia which grows freely everywhere.

At first glance, camomile is very similar to the daisy, but the daisy has a different stem and leaves. The leaves are dark green with a wider shape while the stems and flower stalks are tougher and more erect. For health activists, camomile flowers have various properties.

Rusian Flowers Chamomile

rusian flowers

aromatherapy is suitable for reducing panic and anxiety, preventing gangrene (condition of dead body tissue due to blockage of blood flow, usually experienced by people with diabetes mellitus), to stopping typhoid fever (aka typhus). Camomile combined with bittersweet plants (bittersweet nightade) can also be used to treat bruises, sprains, calluses, and fish eyes.

Seeing its very diverse benefits, this flower is arguably one of the most important medicinal ingredients in the European region. Not to mention the incredibly soothing blue chamomile oil and dried flowers create a calming fragrance.

Russia has a Central European continental climate that affects the growth of flowers in the country. Both local and imported flowers are easy to find in Russia. Local flowers are always cheaper but the quality is much better.

Besides camomile, Russia is also known for its local flowers such as the Rhizomatous Perennial, Crocus (Krokus), and Arnica Montana. But the flowers most widely grown in Russia are camomile, azalea, orchid, rose, lily, gerbera daisy, chrysanthemum and carnation. These local flowers are widely used by Russians as gifts for birthdays, weddings, and various festivals. Including to express love.

Some say the homeland of camomile is America. Camomile comes from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean along with other American grains. In America, chamomile is a wheat weed plant. In 1850, camomile appeared in Sweden and in St. Petersburg at about the same time. This flower is also considered a miracle.

What does chamomile mean?

In the early 16th century, herbalists described local plants using Latin names. Starting from Anthemis Roman, then changed to ‘Roman grass’. It was only later that the Russian agronomist A. Bolotov is credited with being the first to use the word ‘chamomile’ (some say daisy) which was later introduced into Russian.

Camomile is a symbol of health, kindness, warmth, beauty and purity. There is a story of a mother who treats her sick child by saying ‘O my son, drink this camomile and be healthy’ so camomile is also a symbol of love in the family.

There is also a Russian legend about the love story of Roman and a girl. Roman wants to give the girl a flower with a yellow part in the middle and white petals. Since then, camomile has also been identified as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Camomile and birch (thin-leaved woody trees of the genus Betula) are an indispensable part of Russia’s natural beauty. People call camomile as a small sun that connects many beauty in life (according to its shape, a yellow circle in the middle surrounded by white petals).

Did you know Friend Agri, based on the belief of the Russian people, one daisy blooms equals one shooting star. That is why, you are asked to ‘make a wish’ when you see the first camomile flowers of the new year.

Russian Obsession with Flowers: Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been to Russia, you will see a beautiful obsession in the country with flowers. If Alexander block has written a famous poem 1912 it is without a title in Russia at this time, the opening will be more like

Очь, А, Онарь, Аптека … Агазин Етов.

(Night, streets and street lights, drug stores … Florists.)

It’s hard to see all the flowers here – I would say there is a store or kiosk that sells flowers every 100m, and many of these places are also open 24/7. After writing an article about Russian superstition recently, I will announce the importance of interest and its meaning in Russia. So, for the US ST Petersburg Novices, this is the deal on interest:

Flowers in Russia: general rules and not

Do it: Give only the number of odd interest – the number of interest used for foreral settings and sympathy only. The importance of holding fast to this habit cannot be emphasized enough. So if you buy a rose for a girl, it’s much better to buy it 13 of 12!

Do: Give the expected interest on the following opportunities (like now) –

On a national holiday such as New Year’s Day (January 1), Valentine’s Day (February 14), Women’s Day (March 8), day of knowledge (September 1) and Teacher’s Day (October 5)

On a warning and date with a woman

For special occasions (birthdays, promotions, gradations, back after a long trip)

As an act of sympathy when someone is in the hospital or has died

Basically, if there is an opportunity where you are not sure whether it will give flowers … always give flowers! It will brighten everyone’s day.

Don’t: Give anything red when giving flowers as a romantic gift – they are associated with a Soviet vacation.

Meaning of flowers

In Russian culture, flowers not only enjoy being beautiful: they also have their own meaning. If you give interest to Russia, they will almost certainly read the color or type of interest you choose.

Yellow – Strictly Prohibited

In Russia, the yellow flower is a symbol, dream or farewell. So don’t give your date a big yellow bouquet! There is even a famous farewell song called Елтые Аны (yellow tulip) – to see the song played directly here.

Yellow tulip

The flowers are brighter, their feelings are stronger

Red flowers (and especially) are often used to represent strong and vibrant feelings for couples. When Russia starts to rise with someone, it usually starts by giving them white roses, then shift to pink and then red like your feelings deepen.

Rose rose

plant’s pot

if you know the woman enjoys maintaining ornamental plants. Of course it depends on personal preferences in the end, but it’s always good to provide low maintenance sheets if you give it as a gift.

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