Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers

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4 Practical Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers Correctly

The orchid flower plant is one of the beautiful plants that fascinates people who glance at it. In its care, naggrek flowers have characteristics and the way of planting is different from most flowers or plants.

The spread of orchids is very widespread with various types. Orchids themselves are divided into 2 main types, namely orchids attached to other plants and orchids that live alone. Examples of attached orchids include cattleya, cymbidium, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, ocidium and vanda orchids. While the type that lives alone on the ground is the terrestris orchid.

For people who want to beautify their home gardens with orchids, of course, they must first learn how to plant and care for this special flower. In general, we must first pay attention to the location of the area where to plant orchids, because these plants cannot be planted anywhere. The process of planting orchids is actually not so difficult if we have patience and high focus. When it is planted, we also need to maintain and care for it regularly.

Without further ado, let’s just discuss tips and tricks on how to plant and care for orchids properly by following these 3 steps.

The first Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers

The first step that must be done when you want to plant orchids is to choose good orchid seeds. The characteristics of good seeds are usually ripe or old, have brownish green tubers and already have many leaves.

Second Step

Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers

The focus that we will discuss in this article is growing orchids in pots. When choosing a pot, which must be considered is a lot of cavities and has a deep space. Do not choose an old pot, choose a new pot with a wide mouth. Because, used pots have the possibility of being exposed to fungus, moss and bacteria which of course will interfere with the growth process of orchids.

If it is not possible to buy a new pot, it is better if the used pot is sterilized by washing it thoroughly. You can use plastic or clay pots, depending on the size and type of orchid to be planted.

If you want to plant with sticks, simply glue the seeds and coconut coir planting media (read in the fourth step) with the tree to be attached using wire. Water regularly and it will naturally grow and unite with the tree.

Third step

Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers

If the pot is available, the next step is to prepare a support pole. Making a support pole for an orchid is not difficult, you can use a 4 mm wire to attach it to the orchid seeds. Oh yes, do not use rusty wire because the rust will disrupt the growth of the orchid.

However, if it is a little difficult to provide 4 mm wire, you can also use ordinary wire tied with rope (an example of its application can be seen in step four).

The function of this retaining pole is for the orchid to grow upright because it will work as a barrier when the orchid is watered or blown by the wind. This pole will also have an effect on the growth of the orchid roots so that it becomes stronger. When the orchid is a bit big, you can slowly release it later.

Fourth Step

Steps How To Plant Orchid Flowers

Next is to provide planting media for orchid plants. Suitable planting media for this plant are coconut husks, pieces of charcoal, pieces of ferns and broken bricks. The materials that have been mentioned above will be very useful as a place for attaching orchid roots and a place to store water.

When everything is available, here is the order of how to plant it;

Fill the bottom of the pot with a little sand.
Attach the retaining post to the bottom of the pot.
Include broken bricks as water retainers and plastic pot holders.
If you use a clay pot, then you don’t need to use broken bricks, use pieces of charcoal wood until it fills the pot.
Place the orchid seeds on top of the media and arrange them so that the plant roots can spread evenly in all directions.
Tie the seedling with a retaining post.
Flush the pot evenly throughout the planting medium, but don’t overdo it.
Important to note;

Do not let the planting medium cover the stems of orchid plants because it is feared that it will cause injuries to the stems that can make the orchid rot and die. The media is only to cover the roots.
When all the steps have been done, now you can put it in a shady place with sufficient sunlight.

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