The Beauty of This Flower Artwork Will Amaze You

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The Beauty of This Flower Artwork Will Amaze You

Artworks produced from imagination sometimes make us amazed. Artist Bridget Beth Collins with art from nature produces something very inspiring. Breth makes art from materials such as flowers, leaves, stems and seeds. With her creativity and imagination, Beth can make birds, seals, tigers, bicycles and others.


This work is a peacock worker produced by Collins.


This one is the face of a kind-hearted tiger.


This beautiful picture is of a dove with its very beautiful colors making for a dazzling mix.


This butterfly looks very beautiful with a very striking white color.


The combination of colors in the image of the parrot makes the bird look brighter in color.


This turtle dove can be said to be very good. Because Collins made it with great care and inspiration.


This seal is playing ball, like in a circus, hehehe.


This owl is not too scary because its bright color makes us love owls and can find them during the day.

Old Bike

This bike is made of tree trunks and oranges, be careful if you ride it it can break because it is too old to be able to ride.

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