Tips for Caring for Orchids

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Tips for Caring for Orchids

Did you know that orchids have long been a symbol of love and beauty. Apart from being planted by fans for their beauty and charm, orchids are also favored as corsages used in dresses, bracelets at dance parties and special occasions.

In this article you will learn about the basics of how to care for orchids which are usually tough and easy to grow. Once you understand these basics, you will be eager to grow orchids more intensively.


Exposed to Natural Sunlight

Different intensity of sunlight is needed for each type of orchid. During the growth of orchid plants need shade. Like its natural habitat, where orchids grow in the forest, attached to shady tree branches. This type of Phalaenopsis Orchid requires the lowest solar intensity, around 20%. The other type is in the 40%-60% range, to get an easy shade you can use a paranet. The thickness of the paranet must be adjusted to the needs of the intensity of light on the type of orchid planted. So that the leaves of the orchid flowers do not burn. Well, it’s good to avoid the entry of direct and excessive sunlight.

Orchid Watering

The planting medium greatly affects the watering of orchids. In addition, it can affect the size of the plant, environmental temperature, humidity, air flow and the type of pot used you also need to pay attention to. You can spray good watering directly on the roots, so that it absorbs immediately. In order not to damage the planting media, orchid flowers and leaves, use a sprayer when watering until the water droplets that come out can be adjusted.

Do not water the orchid with a lot of water, because if the water stagnates in the pot it will cause the roots to rot and the plant will die. You can adjust the frequency of watering, it is better to water the orchids 1-2 times a day.


The growth phase of orchid plants is the basis for fertilization. There are 2 phases of orchid growth, namely the vegetative phase and the generative phase. The vegetative phase is the phase of orchid plant growth from seeding to young orchids. The generative phase is when the orchid begins to mature and is ready to flower. Fertilizers that are rich in protein elements are needed in the process of cell division, and these fertilizers are needed in the vegetative phase. In the generative phase you can provide fertilizer that has a higher P nutrient, this serves to stimulate flower formation. You can also add vitamins and hormones in plants. The right time to fertilize is when the leaf mouth is open, which is between 08.00-10.00 am and 15.00-17.00, so the process of absorption of food will take place more quickly.

Pot Replacement

Pot replacement is a process in which orchids are replanted in larger pots with a new planting medium. Replacement of pots is very necessary for fear of the old pot is not enough to accommodate when the flowers are ready to bloom and as the growth of the orchid plants are getting bigger day by day. Time for pot replacement can not be known with certainty. Because foresight and observation in everyday life is very necessary. You can see some of the following signs to know the orchid is ready to change its pot.

The pot is already solid with new shoots
The pot is not enough to accommodate the roots
The planting medium is overgrown with moss
The planting medium has been destroyed and weathered
Orchid Places

Orchids will grow well in the highlands, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live in the lowlands, but they don’t meet good criteria. Orchid flowers will live well at air temperatures ranging from 15ºC-15ºC (optimum temperature 21ºC) with good air circulation.

Use Room Lights

The use of room lights can function so that orchids can be placed in the room so that they are still exposed to light. This is quite important, considering that if this orchid lacks light, it will become less healthy and can die.

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