Types Mexican Plants, and Flowers as well as Where to Find Them

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maxican plants and flower

Mexico isn’t everything about the tacos and the tequila, there are additionally some outstanding plants, trees and flowers to be located in this stretching as well as a biodiverse country. From the scrub bushes of the desert-filled north states to the rich hands and exotic flowers of the hot and also damp south, these are the most amazing trees, plants as well as flowers in Mexico and where to locate them, Mexican plant and flowers for names boys.

Next List of Mexican Plants


an extraordinary collection of plants that you can find in the country of Mexico, hopefully, can be a picture of the trees in Mexico

Cactus plants to eat

types cactus in maxican

Exactly how could we not mention the humble, prickly plant with which Mexico is most carefully associated? With near to 150 selections of cactus (or nopal, as it’s generally understood in Mexico), different cacti can be discovered right across the country, from the urban hub of the funding to the vacant deserts of the northern regions.

Among one of the most iconic is undoubtedly the prickly pear cactus, however, which births edible fruits understood in Mexico as tunas (prickly pears). Like the fruits, the ‘pads’ of the cactus itself are additionally eaten.


Maguey maxican

Moving from one famous plant to another with the maguey plant from which we get mezcal, tequila, and pulque as well as valuable fibers like henequen and also sisal.

A part of the maguey plant is the agave, the blue version (Agave Azul) of which is best known for generating tequila.

So, while all tequila is practically mezcal, not all mezcal is tequila! Locate heaven agave in the popular community of Tequila, Jalisco or the maguey plants made use of for henequen and also sisal is found on the Yucatán Peninsula.


The amusingly named ahuehuete is, surprisingly, the national tree of Mexico, in spite of a very couple of people who have actually become aware of it. Equating roughly to ‘old man of the water’ in Nahuatl, it is possibly extra typically understood beyond Mexico as a Montezuma Cypress.

Native to much of Mexico, you won’t locate it difficult to come across an ahuehuete, although the most renowned ahuehuete tree in the country is quickly El Árbol de Tule in Oaxaca, which is the best tree worldwide with a size of almost 40ft!


dahlia in maxican

From the national tree to the nationwide blossom of Mexico, with the spectacular dahlia. Initially from the mountainous zones of Colombia, Mexico as well as much of Central America sandwiched in between, dahlias blossom in the fall, that makes that duration the best time of the year to identify them in full bloom.

As a result of its popularity, you can locate these lovely as well as multicoloured flowers in yards across Mexico, or you may even be fortunate sufficient to sample their petals in a salad!



Better called the Mexican plants listing or Aztec marigold, cempasuchiles are the highly pigmented orange blooms associated with Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead events, making October and November the ideal months of the year to see them embellishing public and exclusive areas across Mexico, particularly in the south.

Find them in the wild throughout Mexico State, Puebla and also Veracruz. While orange is absolutely one of the most usual colour of cempasúchil, they also come in yellow and also Mexican plants purple flowers shade


Poinsettias maxican

If Day of the Dead is incomplete without cempasuchiles, a Mexican plants Christmas just wouldn’t be full without the ubiquitous poinsettia, making December throughout the nation the ideal poinsettia-spotting season.

This richly red petaled blossom is not really a blossom, however rather a plant with some perfectly coloured leaves. In Mexico, they’re extra typically referred to as nochebuenas (‘ Christmas Eves’, essentially), although prior to they were associated with Christmas in Mexico, the Aztecs utilized them for color making as well as referred to them as cuetlayochiti.


Springtime is often taken into consideration the best time to check out the Mexican plants funding, which is surely due in part to the riches of jacarandas that grow across the city.

Nevertheless, you can additionally identify these blue-lilac flowers conical shaped in the exotic as well as subtropical areas of Mexico too. If you can’t make it to Mexico, just wait ’til spring rolls around and watch the jacaranda Instagram images surpass the Mexico hashtag.


types Orchids maxican

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the ideal places to see orchids as an outcome of the fantastic Botanical Gardens that exist in the hills of this prominent traveler resort. You can likewise discover these elegant flowers in Chiapas.


The pitaya plant is technically part of the previously mentioned cactus family members, but as a result of the entirely special and delicious fruit it bears we thought it deserved its very own access.

These brain-like fruits shouldn’t be perplexed with the Asian dragon fruits which undoubtedly look really similar. Native to Mexico, there are very specific places you’ll locate this in the nation, such as the state of Jalisco, where it’s stated you’ll discover the sweetest iterations … but only from April to June.


Really few individuals know that sun flowers french are really common in and also indigenous to Mexico, with some subspecies of the sunflower family members only located there. The Acapulco wedelia bush, with lovely yellow or orange flowers, can be discovered all throughout Mexico.

Mexican plants Flowers and Symbolism

Mexican plants Flowers and Symbolism

Mexican plantsmythology connects particular flowers to a number of divine beings, which becomes part of the reason each blossom has a certain definition or sign. Most of these glorious flowers are talented around the world but their symbolic significances might be easily neglected. Learn about each well-known Mexican plantsplant and also blossom to see which one is your fave.

  1. Mexican Plants Sunflower (Tithonia Diversifolia).

mexican plants and flowers sunflower.

Each bush expands around 80– 120 flowers, making them dense with gorgeous blossoms. The blossom draws in lots of butterflies, which aids with pollination.

Significance: Faith, commitment and also adoration.

Household: Asteraceae.

Blossoms: Summer to Early Autumn.

  1. Laelia Orchid (Laelia Rubescens).

mexican plantsflowers laelia orchid.

This blossom is likewise called the “rosy-tinted laelia.” It expands on trees or rocks. Orchids are lots of and very tough individuals welcome them into their houses as table centerpieces. This spectacular Mexican plantsorchid normally has pale tones of pink blossoms.

Symbolism: Love, luxury and charm.

Family members: Orchidaceae.

Blooms: All year long.

As an outcome of its popularity, you can discover these beautiful and also multicoloured flowers in gardens across Mexico, or you may even be lucky adequate to example their flowers in a salad!

Better understood as the Mexican plants checklist or Aztec marigold, cempasuchiles are the highly pigmented orange blossoms associated with Mexico’s well known Day of the Dead parties, making October as well as November the ideal months of the year to see them enhancing public as well as personal rooms throughout Mexico, particularly in the south.

In Mexico, they’re a lot more commonly referred to as nochebuenas (‘ Christmas Eves’, literally), although prior to they were linked with Christmas in Mexico, the Aztecs used them for color making and also referred to them as cuetlayochiti.

If you can not make it to Mexico, just wait ’til spring rolls around and watch the jacaranda Instagram photos surpass the Mexico hashtag.

The Acapulco wedelia hedge, with gorgeous yellow or orange flowers, can be found all throughout Mexico.

  1. Pineapple Sage (Salvia Elegans).

Mexican plants and also flowers pineapple sage.

As the name states, this flower scents a lot like a pineapple! The blossoms are a bright red shade as well as the vegetation can be utilized for food preparation when crushed. Many individuals appreciate utilizing pineapple sage as ground cover in their yards.

Importance: Healing.

Family members: Lamiaceae.

Flowers: Late Summer to Early Autumn.

  1. Mexican Plants Honeysuckle (Justicia Spicigera).

The Mexican plantshoneysuckle draws in various types of wildlife, especially butterflies. The plant blooms thin as well as tiny flowers that are intense orange. Some selections have a remarkable smell and also make for a fantastic enhancement to any yard, mexican plant flowers plants honeysuckle.

Meaning: Happiness.

Family members: Acanthaceae.

Blossoms: Spring.

  1. Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima).

Mexican plants flowers poinsettia.

This blossom is related to the celebration of Christ’s birthday as well as is seen worldwide as a sign of the Christmas season. The red shade of the plant is not the blooms yet rather the foliage. The Mexican plants can used for medication reasons and to color clothing.

Symbolism: Star of Bethlehem.

Family: Euphorbiaceae.

Blooms: Late Autumn to Early Winter.

  1. Mexican plants Marigold (Tagetes erecta).

mexican plantsflowers mexican plantsmarigold.

This marigold is a staple of the Mexican plantsvacation Day of the Dead and also is among the purest offerings to Mexican plants deities. The flower is available in warm shades as well as is utilized once in a while of despair, spiritual ceremonies, summer season birthday celebrations and more. The blossom is part of the daisy family.

Meaning: Grief as well as despair.

Family: Asteraceae.

Blossoms: Late Spring to Autumn.

  1. Mexican plants Morning Glory (Ipomoea Hederacea).

mexican plant flowers early morning magnificence.

This flower is typically blue, white and also purple and is usually located in dry areas. The Mexican plantsmorning glory grows after rains and just opens throughout the early morning. The beautiful one-of-a-kind form of the petals resembles a trumpet.

Significance: Unfulfilled love.

Family members: Convolvulaceae.

Blossoms: Summer to Autumn.

  1. Mexican plants Passion Flower (Passiflora Mexicana).

mexican plantsflowers Mexican plants enthusiasm blossom.

This flower is among one of the most distinct as well as uncommon Mexican plantsblossoms.

The vines have round-tipped, bilobed fallen leaves. The blossom can be found in two shade combinations: red and eco-friendly, or yellow and purple. The plant is recognized for its poignant smell and also bearing interest fruit.

Meaning: Symbolized the fatality of Christ.

Family: Passifloraceae.

Blooms: Late Summer.

  1. Delicious Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos Atrosanguineus).

mexican plantsflowers delicious chocolate universes.

Because this flower belongs to the universe family members, its blooms are a shade of dark red to brown. The name “delicious chocolate” represents the shade of the flower. The flower discharges a chocolate smell yet is paradoxically is unsuitable for usage.

Significance: Beauty as well as order.

Household: Asteraceae.

Blossoms: Summer.

  1. Mexican plants Poppy (Argemone Ochroleuca).

mexican plantsflowers mexican plants poppy.

The Mexican plantspoppy is most commonly known for its medicinal objectives. They typically appear in shades of yellow and also white.

The plant has tiny blossoms that can spread really quickly throughout a piece of land. They are generally located in nature instead of utilized for business functions.

Symbolism: Sleep and also peace.

Household: Papaveraceae.

Flowers: Spring.

  1. Sword Lily (Gladioli).

mexican plantsflowers sword lily.

The flowers on each stem expand on top of each other, resembling a sword. The blossom can be found in numerous colors including tones of red, yellow and also pink.

Because of its sword-like shape, gladiolus Mexico is utilized throughout the Day of the Dead party and also made use of to be provided to gladiators.

Meaning: Sympathy and memories.

Household: Iridaceae.

Blooms: Early Summer.

  1. Belize Sage (Salvia Miniata).

mexican plant flowers pineapple sage.

This Mexican plantsblossom flourishes in portable spaces, making it simple to expand in nearly any container. The flowers are red-orange as well as little in shade. The plant can expand in flexible ways including in a pot or throughout a whole home garden.

Symbolism: Protection as well as healing.

Family members: Lamiaceae.

Flowers: Summer.

  1. Dahlia (Dahlia Pinnata).

mexican plantsflowers dahlia.

The dahlia is the national blossom of Mexico and has quite a huge bloom. Many of the flowers are two-toned. The intriguing petal pattern makes the flowers interesting to consider as well as they’re frequently utilized in salads.

They are known to represent those who remain real to their values.

Significance: Creativity, dignity and beauty.

Household: Asteraceae.

Flowers: Summer to Autumn.

  1. Yucca Flower (Yucca Baccata).

It is utilized for medicinal as well as elegance functions. Parts of the plant are edible.

The plant blossoms tiny and also thin flowers that are intense orange. The flower comes in cozy colors and is made use of on occasions of sorrow, religious ceremonies, summer season birthdays and even more. The flower is component of the sissy family members.

Since this flower is a member of the universe family members, its blossoms are a color of dark red to brownish. The dahlia is the nationwide blossom of Mexico and has fairly a large flower.

Symbolism: Security and filtration

Household: Asparagaceae

Blossoms: Summer

  1. Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae).

mexican plantsflowers birds of paradise.

The flowers of this plant grow on top of the base of the stalk as well as look like the head of a plumed bird. They are popularly called “crane flowers.”

The evergreen seasonal can grow between 4 as well as six feet high and also the foliage can spread out two to 4 feet broad.

Symbolism: Beauty and also excellence.

Household: Strelitzieceae.

Blossoms: Summertime to Autumn.

Where Can You Locate Mexcian Flowers?

Numerous Mexican plant flowers can be found in regional yards and also make for remarkable houseplants.

The society of Mexico is to maintain these flowers close to you and also your residence, however they can additionally be located in nature. We will discuss a few locations you can discover some of the preferred Mexican plant flowers!

The nationwide blossom of Mexico, the dahlia, can be found in many public yards as well as you might even locate them in your salads since they are made use of as a stylish topping to compliment salad eco-friendlies.

You’ll record a glimpse of all the Mexican plant flowers in front of people’s homes in the neighborhood.

Day of the Dead Flowers.

Mexican plants marigolds are one of the most identified flowers/symbols for this celebration because it is claimed their aroma aids guide spirit residence. Other prominent flowers used in this three-day party are chrysanthemums, gladiolus, baby and cockscomb’s breath.

Numerous Mexican plant flowers can be found in local gardens and likewise make for fantastic houseplants.

The culture of Mexico is to keep these flowers close to you as well as your house, yet they can also be located in nature. We will certainly go over a few places you can discover some of the preferred Mexican plant flowers!


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